Patio addition to a home in Edmonton, Alberta

Patio Covers

Today’s homes are ‘growing’ extra rooms as more and more families look to optimize their living space with patio covers, pergolas, and breezeway covers – basically adding a room outdoors. Imagine you and your family, creating meaningful memories while relaxing on the porch on cool summer evenings – mosquito free.

At Ideal Sundecks, we understand that each home and family’s living needs are different. That’s why we offer free consultations and estimates to help you create a cover that matches your home’s color, layout, eaves troughs, fascia, and downspouts – aligning your new room with your home and taste. You can also convert any of our covers into a sunroom or screened enclosure.

While it may not protect you from all the elements, a deck or patio cover works well for unexpected downpours, UV protection, and maintaining snow-free entryways. Once you have decided to ‘grow’ an outdoor room – including location and style – the next hurdle is material type. Your choice of material is crucial as this can determine the quality of your patio covers. They need to withstand the elements for a long time while keeping you comfortable while you’re sitting or standing underneath it.

Three common patio cover materials include vinyl, wood, and aluminum. High-quality vinyl doesn’t need to be sanded or repainted every few years and it’s less likely to rot, peel, or crack, so it’s more durable than wood. However, it can fade over time. Wood offers a timeless beauty and is available in a sizeable selection of types, colors, and textures – however, wood needs regular sanding and repainting, and over time wood can warp, rot, and the paint can peel. Aluminum is strong but lightweight, can provide superb protection without warping, cracking, or rotting and it’s one of the more affordable material options available. However, aluminum is a very good conductor of heat, which can be uncomfortable to sit or stand near on hot days.

At Ideal Sundecks, we use durable, high quality materials to ensure your enclosure can shoulder heavy loads for years to come. No matter what kind of enclosure you choose, our products will make your summer memories that much more pleasant. We offer several different types of enclosures, each of which offers its own set of unique benefits, and use our 35 years of experience to help you select or design your enclosure.

Ideal Sundecks employs one of the industry’s strongest paneling systems in use today. This double tongue and groove mechanical locking system allows for post- and beam-free spans of over 16 1/2 feet. Fiberglass mesh screens, with a support rating of 100 pounds per square inch, keeps you comfortable by keeping bugs and other pests away.

Ideal Sundecks can provide your family with mosquito-free memories by installing a patio cover, pergola, or breezeway cover around your home. Visit our showroom for ideas, and for additional information on patio covers and screens, call the Ideal Sundecks team at 780-416-3325 today. Enjoy more of your home in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.