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Enjoy Summer Heat with Glass Roof Patio Covers in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

If you already have a spacious patio on the back of your home and aren’t interested in building a new sunroom or solarium, patio covers are another great way to beat the heat in the summer. Ideal Sundecks (1979) Ltd. offers patio covers made of various materials to meet your specific needs.

Our glass patio covers in Edmonton are a popular choice for patio roofing and enclosures. They come in various styles and offer an undisturbed line of sight to view the areas around you. Built with an aluminium frame, our glass roofs and patio covers in Edmonton are sturdy and structural designed to drench your home in natural light.

Types of Glass Roof Patio Covers
There are 7 main types of glass that are used in creating roof patio covers in Edmonton. Each glass comes at a different price point and offers different benefits to homeowners.

  • Tempered – often used for car windshields and windows, tempered glass’ main benefit is that it will not shatter upon impact. Instead, it crumbles and breaks inward to dramatically reduce the risk of injury and decrease potential hazards during violent storms. It is a dense glass that makes each panel stronger. 
  • Single solex – with a green tint, single solex glass is specifically designed to stop heat from entering your enclosed patio and is scientifically proven to reflect ultraviolet rays. This means a single solex glass patio cover can be used for sunbathing all day long with reduced health risks. 
  • Triple pane – using 3 panes of glass is the same as using insulation panels. Triple pane glass makes it difficult for heat to escape, and they contain inert gas between the layers for extra insulation. 
  • Double pane – used for extra efficiency and insulation, double pane glass is great for patios that are used all year long. They keep heat in during the winter and reflect sun rays in the summer. They also have an inert gas between layers for extra insulation. 
  • Single pane – generally the cheapest option, single pane glass is quick to install and easy to replace but not recommended for use over long periods of time. 
  • Laminated – a safety glass made of 2 layers that keep together even when cracked, laminated glass is held together with a high-strength interlayer sheet. This sheet prevents the glass from breaking into sharp pieces to reduce chances of injury and problems with storms. 
  • Low-E – the most environmentally friendly type of glass, low emission glass panels are chemically coated to allow light into a room but keep harmful rays out. The main benefit of Low-E glass is that it acts as an obstruction to ultra violet rays. Available in a variety of tinted colours, it is the most expensive glass available.

Get Your Glass Patio Cover
Glass roofs and patio covers provide you with many benefits including additional curb appeal, unobstructed views, and more. They can be customized to include windows, doors, and different colours of aluminum frames so you can have your personal relaxation spot match your vision.

If you’re interested in adding one of these chic and elegant structures to your home, contact Ideal Sundecks today so we can go over the deals for your new glass patio cover in Edmonton.

Ideal Sundecks (1979) Ltd proudly serves areas within a one-hour driving radius of Edmonton, including: Sherwood Park, Leduc, St Albert and Spruce Grove


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